"I attended the Private Lending Mastery Course. This course was FANTASTIC. It opened my eyes to new ways of making money. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to make money the easy way in Real Estate! Thank You George for sharing your knowledge with me."

Kirk Fayard
Real Estate Developer

"I have taken many of George's Classes and this one is one of the Best. George is excellent at explaining how different deals work. This class is good in making you understand how you can make money without using any of your own money."

Swanee Heidberg

"The content is great and applicable. The class is interactive with real examples that help you understand better. The instructors know what they are talking about and the information provided is so hard to find anywhere else."

Raul Alvarez

"GREAT CLASS. Now it's up to me to apply them with the help and support of the team. I'd take the classes or recommend it without hesitation.'

James Kenny

"The class was excellent! It shows you how to actually go out and do this. George Antone is very qualified to teach this class and did an amazing job. He is very approachable with no ego unlike other speakers. He actually teaches you step by step what exactly to do to generate great rates of return and passive income. I would highly recommend this course."

Jason Ellis

"This is an excellent, content-filled, step-by-step course on private lending. The benefits will be long lasting for us, since we plan to do more private lending in the coming months/years. I really appreciate the network of Real Estate Investors available through this course as well! Thank you for all of your time, mentorship and willingness to share your knowledge."

Shu-Hsien Ho
Private Lender

"This workshop was well spent money. Content was eye opening and provided practical knowledge on how to enter the world of Private Lending. Real-World examples and contact names provided in order to get started… THANKS!"

Astrid Wasserman

"The Private Lending Mastery Class is well worth the price of admission. Having studied Real Estate for a year I can defiantly say George provides information that I have not found elsewhere. The class is packed with techniques most investors are not exposed to and George reveals how lenders have an edge by making their investments safe and profitable. The fact that YOU never have to lift a hammer and still make money using OPM and other peoples work makes the Private Lending Mastery Courses THE BEST Investment Course Real Estate Investors and other people can take."

Royd Hatta

"Awesome Class!!!!!! This opened up the many possibilities of helping others out by the strategies covered in class."

Marilynn Cornel

"I would really recommend this class to anyone who is seeking cash flows and wealth building without the hassles of tenants. These techniques are great ways to make money without using any of your own. This class should defiantly be taken in conjunction with Business Lines of Credit."

Patti Guard

"I found George Antone's "Private Lending Mastery" class to be an incredible wealth of information. He is an excellent teacher with many real life experiences to share with his student's. I know this class will be help to me in achieving my goals for financial freedom.

Tancha McKnight

"The Private Lending Mastery course has given me not only a sound foundation to allow me to achieve my goal of passive income, but also the steps to do to get there. I now know exactly what to do to make my loan secure, how to make money, and how to find borrowers."

Bruce B.

"I was hesitant to pay large amounts of money for more "Boot Camps" or Seminars; now I am glad I did. The information that was presented was very thorough and very applicable to real life- not just concepts or ideas. I feel confident now that the speaker has his student's interest at heart and not just trying to make money from just presenting "Seminars."

Stella Wang

"It is not every day that a course comes along where the instructors under-promise and over-deliver. The Private Lending Mastery Class was just such a course where the instructors, George Antone more than delivered on their promise and exceeded my expectations. This course was very much a "roll up your sleeves and get to work" class. It was not a passive, theory-based program where the students take notes, then do absolutely nothing with the valuable information imparted.

George initially taught theory, then quickly persuaded us to do live, profitable and safe private lending deals by encouraging us to talk with, and qualify, actual borrowers. They further guided us in creating, and recording, the proper paperwork to protect our monetary investments.

In this class, I learned valuable and profitable secrets from a successful practitioner in the private lending arena. I was astounded and impressed by George's immense creativity and imagination when structuring win-win deals for all parties involved in a real estate transaction. They were incredibly generous with their information, detailed in their delivery, and ethical in their practice.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about the private lending industry and/or adding private lending to their overall real estate investing activities and plan.

Aurora Cortez

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