Learn The Secrets That Most Investors
Will Never Know About How To Generate Massive
Cash Flow
As A Private Lender Safely, Without
The Hassles Of Owning Real Estate?

Dear Investor:

Imagine this...

  • Massive Cashflow Without Tenants!
  • Massive Cashflow Without Qualifying For Mortgages!
  • Massive Cashflow Without Having Good Credit!
  • Massive Cashflow Without Using Your Money!
  • Massive Cashflow Without Owning Properties!

It gets better...

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Private lending can generate massive cash flow with all the benefits mentioned above, along with the security to allow you to enjoy the life you always dreamt of.

What is private lending? A private lender is an individual who is not necessarily licensed that understands the secrets of private lending and how to use OPM (Other People's Money) to make a "spread."

Private lenders borrow money at a lower rate and lend it out at a higher rate, making a nice profit or spread, just like the bank!

Banks borrow money at a lower rate and lend it out at a higher rate. They play the "spread" game. Banks make money, so as private lenders, we learn to be the BANK, for the same amazing benefits!

It gets a LOT better. Keep reading...

What about "appreciation" I hear some of you say.

Well, this is where it gets more interesting...

Imagine this...

  • Appreciation Without Tenants!
  • Appreciation Without Qualifying For Mortgages!
  • Appreciation Without Having Good Credit!
  • Appreciation Without Using Your Money!
  • Appreciation Without Owning Properties!

That sounds like the previous list, except this has appreciation!!


"Result of Taking Action"

This is the fun part, with private lending you can make
massive cashflow AND appreciation without owning the property!

Wait, it's about to get better...

I hear some of you say "but I need an influx of cash right now George. Cashflow is great, appreciation is great. But I need an influx of cash!"

Guess what. Private Lending can do that BETTER than most methods being taught out there!

For example, some investors rehab properties, flip properties, wholesale etc. for an influx of cash. With private lending you can make MORE money without doing any of that time consuming work!

Imagine making cashflow, appreciation, AND cash influx WITHOUT...

  • ...Tenants!
  • ...Qualifying For Mortgages!
  • ...Having Good Credit!
  • ...Using Your Money!
  • ...Owning any properties

If this might seem too good to be true, then ask yourself "why do must successful investors become private lenders?". Also, you might want to read some of the testimonials.

But the best proof is revealed little later!

Students have said that this is the best course they have ever taken PERIOD!

Others have said they wish they took this years ago!

Well, if you think this good, keep reading. It is about to get better!!!

Robert Kiyosaki taught us in his bestseller book Rich Dad Poor Dad that to be "wealthy", we need to have enough passive income to cover our expenses. If your expenses are $5000 per month, and your passive income is $8000 per month, you can afford to quit your job. If you buy one house at a time with $100 per month in passive income, you realize it will take you a while to quit your job. With private lending, this can be achieved a LOT faster! "I attended the Private Lending Mastery Course. This course was FANTASTIC. It opened my eyes to new ways of making money. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to make money the easy way in Real Estate! Thank You George for sharing your knowledge with me."

Kirk Fayard

So far we covered "ARBITRAGE" - meaning making money off of spreads! i.e. borrowing money at a lower rate and lending at a higher rate.

Let's make this a little more exciting...

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Let's add LEVERAGE!

What is Leverage? Leverage is controlling a larger asset with a smaller amount of money. So if you can take $10,000 of OPM and leverage it 3 times, now you have $30,000 in leveraged money that you can play with, PLUS the additional $10,000 (in most cases), giving you a total of $40,000 to lend out.

"Result of Taking Action"

Private lending becomes a LOT more interesting when
you combine ARBITRAGE and LEVERAGE together.

Let's look at an example: You tap into $100,000 of OPM, leverage that to $300,000 and lend out the whole $400,000 to 8 different investors. Now you are making money off of the $400,000 and not just the $100,000!

How would you like to learn to leverage 5 to 8 times other people's money WITHOUT signing on a loan? Yep, this is private lending at it's best!!!

But it gets better.

We cover things that will blow your mind in the bootcamp.

The beauty of private lending is that you are playing with PAPER, not properties. You use properties as collateral, but you work with PAPER!

Private lending, the way I teach it, is about making good secure loans using real estate as collateral. You use OPM to do that. Imagine yourself lending various real estate investors that specialize in various fields such as foreclosures, rehab, flipping, etc.

You become their private lender, and they do all the work, finding the property, dealing with contractors, doing all the stressful work, and YOU split THEIR profits 50/50. They are excited because they made great money, but you are even more excited because YOU made the SAME money but 12 times more with little to no work! Why? Because you made the deal with 11 other investors, and they are doing ALL the work while YOU count the money!

You see, as a private lender, you are responsible for doing 3 things:

  • Finding and building new sources of OPM to lend out
  • Finding good borrowers to lend to
  • Doing good secure loans

That’s it! We cover all this in detail in our upcoming and LAST bootcamp. We also show you how to systemize these 3 activities so that you have other people doing the work for you and you simply collect the checks!

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Finally, many investors say, "I don't have the money to lend out!"

In case you missed it, I said that banks do not lend their own money. Neither should you.

You need to learn to lend out OPM (Other People's Money). I cover all that in the bootcamp.

I made this easy for you. I show you how to use OPM, I show you how to securely lend it out, and I show you how to generate huge returns - basically, I show you how to BE THE BANK! Now it is up to you to take ACTION!

Here is my recommendation to you. If you are looking for more passive income and you are willing to do exactly what I teach you, go ahead and sign up for the Private Lending Mastery Bootcamp. If you are not convinced that this class can generate you great passive income, I will refund you your money back, no questions asked! All I ask is that you attend the 3 complete days and see for yourself the possibilities. I am THAT CONFIDENT that this can change your life!

I will help you master private lending with my intensive training in my home study course !

"Result of Taking Action"

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The Private Lending Home Study Course will give you the hands-on experience you need to do this for a lifetime. All you have to do is commit to doing this on a part-time basis. You will start generating spreads and cash flow for life.



You're Fully Protected By Our
100% Money-Back Guarantee!


We really want you to be 100% satisfied
with the Private Lending Mastery Home Study Course, and we're completely confident you will. So let us remove any doubt from your mind...

If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with our workshop, just let us know at the end of the 30-days from ordering this Home Study Course, and we'll refund you 100% of your purchase price. Try it out and you have enough time to decide - risk free.


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I hope our iron-clad guarantee has put your mind at ease.

You can listen to my home study course, examine every detail, listen to all strategies, implement all strategies during the 30-days... and if you don't like it, just ask for your money back and get your money returned.

You could in fact easily rip us off.

We obviously hope you won't take advantage of us like that - but we point it out to make one thing clear: we are the ones taking all the risk. 

You take no risk at all.

Over the home study course, you will get:

  • 15 Audio CDs
  • 15 Video DVDs
  • Binder with all information
  • Forms
  • Software


"This is an excellent, content-filled, step-by-step course on private lending. The benefits will be long lasting for us, since we plan to do more private lending in the coming months/years. I really appreciate the network of Real Estate Investors available through this course as well! Thank you for all of your time, mentorship and willingness to share your knowledge."

Shu-Hsien Ho

If you are like most people too "busy" making others wealthy, then ask yourself this "When do you want to start making YOU wealthy?"

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Here are a few benefits you will experience:
  • Learn to become a Mastery Private Lender
  • Learn to generate cash flow on a part-time basis
  • Use Other People's Money in doing so
  • Work with a mastermind group we will put you in
  • No More Dealing With Tenants!
  • No More Qualifying For Mortgages!
  • No Need To Own Properties!
"This workshop was well spent money. Content was eye opening and provided practical knowledge on how to enter the world of Private Lending. Real-World examples and contact names provided in order to get started… THANKS!"

Astrid Wasserman


I have also decided to cut the normal price of $1697 down to $1497!!

Now, I KNOW some of you will find one or more reasons not to come to this event. Let me put it this way - IT IS YOUR LOSS! Find a way to come to Northern California one way or another to attend this life changing bootcamp.

Become part of the elite group that will attain mastery level in private lending.


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PS: Aurora Cortez, one of my students, made over $92,000 in six months with private lending! She now does this full time!"

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